Spring Morris Weddings


Why do you shoot weddings?


I love the honesty and electric happiness of a wedding day. The raw emotion and simple beauty of two people in love. Capturing and preserving your story is a meaningful act for me - it’s the closest I can get to stopping time or catching lightening in a bottle. It’s a responsibility I take seriously. I only shoot a limited amount of weddings a year so that I can devote my full time and energy to each one.



Are you the right photographer for us?


This isn’t something people ask me, but this might be the most important question of all. On your day I spend a lot of time around you - I’m like your shadow. You might be crying, kissing, giggling uncontrollably, or maybe just reeeeal anxious, so your comfort level with me is important.

My kind of people are laid back, have a great sense of humour and love the hell out of each other. Who know their love is a little weird, but also beautiful. Who aren’t afraid to embrace imperfection, creativity and spontaneity. If you are planning a wedding that is rooted in your connection - that is an experience, not a production - I might just be the photographer for you.


Where are you based?


I live in downtown Toronto in a heritage home off of Queen Street West, but I was raised in rural Ontario just outside of Owen Sound. I love my hometown and travel back monthly, shooting everywhere in between. 


How would you describe your style?


My style has been described as emotive, heartfelt, cinematic, modern, momentous, striking, organic, romantic, poetic and captivating (I’m trying really hard not to let all of these nice words go to my head.)


Will you travel?


Yes. I love travelling and I’m always up for a flight or road trip to get to you. Destination wedding pricing and pricing for work outside of Ontario is custom so get in touch and we can work through the details. 

If your wedding is on my wedding bucket list I’m also willing to offer a reduced rate for my coverage. Right now some dream locations include: Greece, the UK, Iceland or the Banff Springs Hotel.


What’s in your bag?

  • 2 x Canon 5DmkIII Body

  • Canon 35 1.4L

  • Canon 50 1.2L

  • Canon 85 1.2L

  • Canon 70-200 4L

  • Canon flashes

I use all professional Canon equipment that gives the reliability needed to ensure your wedding is captured beautifully and safely. Light is the most important element of photography so it’s important to make sure we have a lot of it on your day. I love natural light and think it’s most complimentary to my style, however during the darker parts of the day (the reception) I always bust out my flash to make sure we get some amazing dance shots. 


Do you work with a second shooter?


Yes. I usually recommend having a second shooter when the wedding has over 75 guests, or for when a wedding calls for me to be in two places at once. I work with some pretty incredible second shooters and they work to match my style, so that when you get your collection everything is consistent. 


Do you shoot LGBTQ weddings?


Hell yes. I strongly believe that all love is equal and beautiful. I’m sad that this is even a question people have to ask.


Do you work with a shot list?


I take a semi-documentary approach, because I think the best things in life happen naturally. I capture all aspects of your wedding day from the little meaningful details to the big memorable parts. I want you to be present, enjoying the experience as much as possible. I listen and watch for magic moments - honest glances, nervous laugher, happy tears. These moments are instantaneous and if I’m buried in a shot list, I’ll miss them. 

However when it comes to family/group portraits I work from a checklist to ensure we don’t miss anyone.  Once we have booked the date I’ll provide you with a form to fill out so this part of the day moves fast. 



“You can Photoshop that, right?”


Yes.…but no. As a wedding photographer I try  to document your day in the most beautiful way possible. I want to tell the story of your love and authentic connection, not some plastic-wrapped version. While I believe post-production is a crucial part of the photography process, I don’t believe in airbrushing away the character of a person or place. If you have freckles in real life, you’re going to have freckles on your wedding day. Because the thing is: I think you look beautiful.

That being said, I’m human. I get it. If you wake up to a massive zit on your wedding day, rest assured, I’ll take care of it.



When will we get our photos?


I provide you with some sneak peek images in the first 24-48 hours after your wedding so that you have something so share immediately (#socialmedia #amiright?). The rest of the collection takes between 6-10 weeks for delivery, depending on the collection you chose. Collection details and pricing are available here.



How many photos will we get?


It depends on how many hours of coverage you chose, but depending on the collection I deliver a minimum of 500-700 photos. I don’t have a maximum because I don’t believe in putting a cap on the number of photos I’m delivering. If I’ve taken great shots, you should have them. It’s not rare for me to deliver 1000 photos for a 10 hour wedding.



Will you help us figure out a timeline?


Of course! If you’ve never had to throw a wedding before, you shouldn’t be expected to know how to time one. Part of my collection includes schedule planning assistance so that we build in enough time for photos throughout the day.



Do you provide RAW files?


The short answer is no.
The long answer is that shooting your photos is only half of the work in creating your images. My post production process is part of what defines my style and why you are hiring me. The RAW files alone are not a proper reflection of my style. Think of RAW files like a film negative - they still need to be processed like film in a camera to create the right colour, tone etc. They can’t even be opened without proper editing software and so they won’t be part of the final curated gallery that you’ll receive.



Do we have to get our photos printed through you?


Nope! Once you’ve purchased your collection, you can print your images wherever you want. That being said, your wedding will look amazing printed! I offer stunning albums with an awesome local print vendor who creates hand bound albums on museum grade paper. They are true family heirlooms. Album prices are extra so please let me know if this is something you might be interested in.


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